socialProduction from KraussMaffei - proactive production monitoring anytime and anywhere

socialProduction from KraussMaffei - proactive production monitoring anytime and anywhere

(Munich, April 19, 2021) KraussMaffei is launching socialProduction, its mobile app and web application for injection molding machines. This innovation combines the advantages of social media with cutting-edge production monitoring technologies. The machines report to the users live in secure chat rooms. Working autonomously, socialProduction detects deviations in the production process at an earlier stage than ever before and elevates machine monitoring into a new era.

View the machine status anytime, anywhere

socialProduction ensures that all important injection molding machine information is visible in real time. It can be viewed either on a mobile device using the smartphone app or on a computer using the web application.

The machine overview ensures the ability to get a quick view of the machine pool and provides intelligent production metrics that help to monitor each connected machine efficiently. The history of the machine status is displayed in the form of a machine-time profile. The progress of ongoing production orders is made transparent and easily trackable.

Fast problem detection and easy communication

In addition, KraussMaffei is breaking ground in the process support area. The production process of the injection molding machines is monitored continuously by a patented, self-learning process. Relevant anomalies and trends in the process are identified at an early stage based on all detected machine data and communicated proactively by means of user notifications. The process parameters are evaluated completely autonomously and without prior configuration by the process owner.

With socialProduction, each connected machine becomes an active team member. In chat messages, the machines provide information about important events such as parameter changes and alarms. The chat also helps the employees communicate among each other and facilitates collaboration between different production shifts and locations.

Connectivity: the key to digitalization

The data's journey starts right in the machine. Since January 1, the KraussMaffei smartCube has been part of the standard equipment of every new injection molding machine. This future-proof and standardized hardware solution for operation of KraussMaffei digital products is 5G wireless and Smart Factory ready. All data streams are captured, analyzed and stored right at the machine in real time. Regular over-the-air updates ensure the security of the globally distributed devices over the entire lifecycle.

The globally available IIoT cloud infrastructure, which is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), makes it possible to give users of socialProduction everywhere in the world a uniform live experience on various terminal devices, such as a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

Compatible with all machine generations

KraussMaffei also gives its customers the ability to retrofit machines with network capabilities to make them ready for the digital future. The KraussMaffei smartCube features numerous interfaces that give it enough flexibility to be used with almost any existing machine. This ensures that customers with older series machines need not miss out on the one-of-a-kind advantages of socialProduction.

In the near future, these interfaces will also provide a uniform view of the entire production facility, because socialProduction will soon also be available for machines from third-party suppliers.

Getting started with digitalization: Our special promotion makes it easy and affordable

Now through May 31, customers whose machines have corresponding connectivity can enjoy socialProduction free of charge for the first 12 months. Have an older machine that does not yet meet the necessary prerequisites? No problem. The KraussMaffei smartCube is available at a deeply discounted price when bundled with a purchase of socialProduction during this period.

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Proactive production monitoring anytime, anywhere: Whether from home or on the go – socialProduction from KraussMaffei gives you quick access to all important injection molding machine information and detects deviations in the production process
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socialProduction from KraussMaffei – proactive production monitoring anytime and anywhere
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